Team Talks

Why feedback rarely does what it's meant to

Feedback is controversial with approaches ranging from brutal honesty to killing it with kindness.  This HBR article convincingly puts the science to feedback, what really works and why care is crucial to lifting the performance of others.


Why constructive conflict keeps teams future fit

Productive conflict is the life force of creativity in teams and consensus the death of it. Building the habit of inviting different voices, making it safe for objective challenge and  holding curiosity over judgement will make sure creativity is a key team dividend.

This can be as simple as asking at the end of every team meeting  “what have we created today that didn’t exist before we all came into the room?”

It should feel uncomfortable. Constructive conflict is still conflict, critically though it isn’t personal. Instead, conflict is  focused on the issue and expressed objectively. It’s in service to the  ‘we’, not ‘I’.

Why is creativity a must have rather than a nice to have in teams and most importantly in leadership teams? It’s because creativity is  how teams  move beyond the status quo to be future fit, changing to meet the future that is coming at speed over the horizon. 

Think of creativity as the source of relevance. Without it, there is no future.

Why team drumming is good for your health

A recent 10-week study by the Royal College of Music in London found that group drumming can improve social resilience by 23%, anxiety by 20% and mental wellbeing by 16%. The research, the first of its kind is part of a growing body of work demonstrating the positive impact of drumming on mental health and well-being and why it’s such a great activity for building trust in teams.