Drumming Up Resilience


Drumming Up Resilience

A unique rhythm and drumming workshop for students to explore their responses to uncertainty and disruption and build skills to increase connection, emotional regulation and resilience.

The 3 Pillars of Resilience

The 3 C's of Resilience

The 1 hour workshop is divided into 3 activities each tackling a resilience pillar. Activities are experiential and interactive and follow the steps of problem, example, resolution.

Each has a fun drumming activity to explore the resilience element followed by a reflection activity to create insight and the introduction of a simple practical tool to ground learning into their everyday experiences.

Music is an inherently social activity, with drumming being the most impactful of all.

Harnessing huge dopamine benefits, it cuts through our rational thought processes, making it the perfect vehicle to explore complex topics and emotions.

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Rhythm and drumming is fun, and it works.

Uniquely, this workshop is also underpinned by a coaching methodology that has been honed over many years working with corporate teams, lifting connection and performance.  The workshop goes beyond a fun activity to enabling real change, empowering students with the practical skills and tools to increase self-awareness and emotional regulation.