Leaning Into Conflict


Program outline

  • Bespoke program designed to resolve any type of team conflict

  • Face-to-face or on-line

Unblocking conflict and getting teams back on track and delivering

A bespoke intensive team building  program for teams that need help to lift their performance or to unblock team conflict to get back on track and delivering. 


Teams that benefit from this program include: 

  • Those experiencing high levels of personal conflict

  • Teams where collective goals are being highjacked by individual agendas 

  • Where there's a lack of energy and commitment to deliver

  • Teams suffering from a persistent lack of accountability

Through this program, teams gain alignment and clarity on teams goals, develop insights into each individual’s role in the current team dynamics and gain the skills required to build the trust and collaborative behaviours for strong teamwork. 


Most importantly, the team coaching approach empowers individual team members to own their accountability for team success.

[Jill] understood our business, the time constraints senior leaders have and worked with us sharing expertise on developing talented leaders.

Heather Hollingworth

GM, People & Performance Break Thru People Solutions


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