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We deliver cut through team building experiences that use rhythm, performance and research to optimise team performance


Drumming Up Trust is a bespoke, intentional team building workshop that will change your thinking about trust in teams. 

Through the metaphor of drumming, the workshop focuses on non-verbal communication, creating a safe place for leaders to explore how they currently build trust in teams and what they can do differently to build the most critical attribute of high performing teams.


A connected team is the ultimate competitive advantage.  Amplify team connection with this  unique, fun, rhythmic energiser. This is a 1 hour team building experience with a clear ROI as team focus is dialed up and energy visibly shifted to optimise team performance.


Identify and leverage diversity in the team and reap the rewards of fresh ideas and a team in flow.  It's an awesome way to kick-start a strategy session.


The defining attribute of teams that transition from  good to great is the ability to build the safety for frequent  challenge  and creative conflict .  It is the greatest source of untapped potential in teams and groups.   Conversely, personal conflict and the avoidance of challenge remains the biggest cause of team failure.


This 2 hour workshop builds the skills for team members to redefine conflict and flip the coin from avoiding to embracing .  Using rhythm and drumming as a vehicle to explore diverse thinking, team members collectively reveal existing mindsets around conflict and difference, gain awareness of personal conflict styles and impact on others and build skills to step up from group think to genuine collaboration. 

"I learnt a lot about vulnerability and the importance of creating safety to fail. More importantly, I learnt lots about the other participants"

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Our Facilitators

Jill Arkell

Jill is a highly experienced team coach. She works with business leaders to lift the performance of teams so that they collaborate smarter, faster and more creatively. She uses a proven team coaching methodology with simple and powerful frameworks to help teams get clear on their why, what and how to build trust and accountability to get results faster.

Cat Hunter

As a professional touring drummer of 12 years, Cat has performed and recorded with artists including Little May, Charli XCX, Jess Kent, Nicole Millar, Touch Sensitive, Adam Lambert, Okenyo and DrummerQueens. She has embarked on international tours in the US with Nicole Millar, the UK, US and Europe with Little May, and the US and Asia with Jess Kent supporting Coldplay.


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