What you don't know about the Haka

What you don't know about the Haka
'2017.' by www.davidmolloyphotography.com, https://flic.kr/p/XjbvEo

The Haka is one of the best examples of the power of rhythm to motivate and connect teams. Why? Because music releases dopamine, the "feel-good" chemical in our brains that has a biological connection to our motivation to achieve.

Music and especially drumming increases blood flow to the brain, making you happier and more productive. It also changes moods making it the perfect way to explore dynamics in teams.

Even better, it’s fun. Music is the true connector in every culture and civilisation because it makes us feel good and has a unique ability to cut-through hierarchy, politics and bias.

In teams, it is the ultimate team builder, creating a level playing field to explore where team connections are strong and where they’re not, how effectively you’re mining diversity and inclusion and just how strong is your trust bank.

Because music has a unique ability to cut through bias, it’s powerful. It moves our emotions, shifting them to create the energy to act.

Think national anthems. Every country has one, surging choruses that create unity through simple rhythms and stirring words to generate pride and patriotism. Think sporting teams and you don’t have to go further than the Haka of the NZ All Blacks to see the evidence in action.

Even soldiers in the American civil war were preceded by fifes and drums playing lively tunes to keep up the spirits of the battle-weary troops. Curious about how ground-breaking work using rhythm, performance and research can deliver cut through team building experiences to move your team?

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