Lift the oxytocin in your next virtual team meeting with this

Daily around the world we’re seeing the power of music to connect and uplift. This is because music is our best way of expressing our humanity. Try this quick 10 minute activity at the start of your team’s next on-line meeting to lift connection and energy.

  1. Before the meeting, each person in the team chooses a song that connects with them – if you want you can choose a theme that everyone’s song must connect to i.e. holidays, memories, mood

  2. Each person sends the youtube link for their song to the meeting host in advance of the meeting

  3. The host plays a section of one of the songs at the start of the meeting

  4. Team members use the Chat function to guess whose song it is

  5. Person who chose the song, shares why it’s important to them

Playing music or listening to music makes you feel connected to those around you. That’s because music gives us an oxytocin boost. When we try to synch with others musically we tend to feel positive social feelings towards those with whom we are synchronising, even if that person is not visible to us or not in the same room.

Music acts as a ‘social glue’ that binds people together, helping us connect, cooperate, and care for each other.